Saturday, 24 February 2018

At Last - Goosander Shots!

I knew they'd be on the lake today, freezing weather always brings the more interesting ducks to the town waters. So it proved today, although as ever my photography is terribly "record shot" and everything is soft looking that isn't totally out of focus.

My hands are so shaky, it is impossible to for me to take steady hand held shots. I know it's only a bottom end bridge camera, but I should be able to get better pictures than these.

That being said, freezing my hands off on a bright cold day with a spine slicing wind blowing across the water, I've got a few shots where you can just about see what is going on.

The egrets are a bonus. Never been seen before on the Blue Lake, but we now seem to have three that have settled in for the winter, either squabbling or actually attempting to breed today. Again ,my shots of these were terrible.

Still, I will keep trying. Just being outside is nice enough!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 24.02.18


  1. Nice to see so many Goosander, I saw a pair on the River Ouse
    in the middle of York on a recent visit last week.
    I particularly like your last shot.

  2. In my humble opinion you have done really well with your images especially so the Goosander images! I only ever manage a distant shot of them when they turn up on a local lake.

  3. Nice shots, Simon. Good to see the Egret's plumes showing too.

  4. Great to see the egrets as well as the goosanders. We've had more goosanders than usual in the local stretch of river

  5. Don't despair. It happens to all of us. Remember, poor Winter lighting can mean slow shutter speeds so even a small movement of photographer or subject will make the shots look soft. It may look bright to us but not to the camera so shutter speeds can be fairly slow. The ducks will have been bobbing up and down in the water. A thought. Where possible find something to rest the camera on or maybe sit down, draw up one knee and rest the camera on it for that type of shot, weather permitting. Your own built in monopod! Also, the bigger the zoom used the more any small movement can make things look blurred / soft focus.

  6. Yes I find it hard to get into a steady position. I am so pleased my images have gone down well however

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