Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Canoe Funs

You do see plenty of canoeing in town...well not in town exactly, that would be silly, but on the river in town. Mainly however, they are to be found over the other side of the stone bridge playing in the rough water by the weir.

This time, they were playing on the castle side of Millgate bridge, and playing was the word. They were practicing fancy ways of entering the water, which is why they were all on land, rather than in the waer when I first saw them.

One chap entered the water with a dramatic 360 roll and an enormous splash. Another canoeist nosed into the water like a dying gannet.

Above on the bridge, a small crowd cheered encouragement. It all looked tremendous fun, but tremendously cold. Rolling into the water looked less my idea of a good time and more my idea of hypothermia crossed with Weil's disease.

Think I will stick to running and cycling.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.02.18


  1. Too cold for me. Quite happy walking:)
    I saw a post yesterday, someone wild swimming. Chilled me to the bone just looking.

  2. Made me shiver just reading about it.
    Can't say I have ever seen a banana shaped canoe / kayak before, not that I've seen many.

  3. It does look slightly the wrong side of mad for the time of year

  4. I love canoeing, though I rarely do it and only at warmer times of the year

    1. I quite fancied getting one of those inflatable canoes and heading up river to see what I might find