Thursday, 1 February 2018

Another Sparrowhawk and a Painted Sky

I always like the chance to walk between our two campus buildings, past the garden I dug badly, past the wildflower meadow that didn't flower, and along the unmowed verges.

There's usually something to see, even it if may only be a confiding dunnock or a cocky robin. Kestrels and buzzards are a common sight, linnets nest in summer...soon bumbles will appear.

Today's distraction happened very high overhead. Alerted by a Kehaar cry of "YARK" I looked up to see a gull having a right old go at a passing sparrowhawk - a herring gull judging by the size difference.

The sparrowhawk screamed, and made its way off to the north, while the gull mooched off in the opposite direction, well satisfied with its work. Flap flap glide. Flap flap glide.

So flies the sparrowhawk.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 01.02.18


  1. You’re lucky to see kestrels regularly. Sadly far less common than they once were. Poor old hawk being seen off by a cross gull!

  2. The buzzards here get chased out of the sky by the local crows, some days they have no chance at all

  3. I watched two crows mob a barn owl last year. They drove it off the hedge it was hunting along and into a tree.

  4. Ha ha, the painted sky, great image.