Sunday, 17 June 2018

Broken Bodies

Today it was a Sunday match at home to Walesby, and we had a strong side - even the first team captain was playing. Unfortunately, there had been one or two heavy  nights enjoyed by our players - we had one player "indisposed" on the sofa under the TV in the pavilion, while I myself had been awake until 7am discussing Tourette's Syndrome at an annual summer party.

I woke up 20 minutes before that match started. I don't think the Skipper was pleased with me, because we were bowling first, and I thus didn't get much of a bowl and when I did I was so slow, unable to get my shoulder into the action and feeling stiff as a board after yesterday's match.

My fielding was so bad I got to field at slip, the position where the rubbish fielders are traditionally banished at our level. Fair enough. I have no sprint speed in my legs at all at the moment. And I don't feel I have any co-ordination either.

Still I'm only one man (arguable), and the rest did well enough to keep Walesby to 104-8 off 40.

I then ate a very hearty tea, and watched football for a while. I wasn't needed to bat at all but had to pace around nervously in my pads  for 40 minutes. No-body was reassured by my presence. Nobody seemed that engaged in the match full stop actually. At least we won, on a grey, dreethy sort of day.

Next weekend, I will be better.


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