Monday, 3 August 2015


After its makeover in the last few years, Newark Sconce and Devon Park has become a great place for the town's folk to encounter wildlife. It has a variety of habitats in a compact area, a knowledgeable warden looking after it with his team of volunteers, and a cafe for the tired naturalist to get a cup of tea in after chasing recalcitrant butterflies across the pasture.

As well as the nature, there is the Sconce itself, a remnant of Newark's Civil War past when it was besieged three times by Cromwell's forces and only surrendered when ordered to by Charles I himself.

I don't know whether Charles or Cromwell were nature lovers, but I certainly am, and the last couple of days we've had some lovely colours thrown into the mix as well.



All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 03.08.15

Devon pasture very lush by the ponds

Small skipper

Harebells are out of the Sconce

Small tortoiseshell

Closer in. Not best focus sadly

Lovely ringlet

Another tortie

I love how they gradually turn a circle as they feed

Splash of colour

Bee fly of some type

Exploring bumbles

Hover and lady

Another hoverfly

Thumping great red tailed queen

White bumble bum

Beacon Hill bee

Comma and peacock


  1. It's wonderful when it all comes together on a day out with nature..
    Amanda xx

  2. You sure got an eyeful of colour during this visit.

  3. What beautiful harebells. I have yet to see some this year. Sutton Hoo is usually a good place ...

  4. P.S. Thank you for your comment on my toad!

  5. Thanks for dropping by, as ever my pics don't quite do the nature justice. Soon, my pretties, soon...

  6. Lovely pictures as usual Si.
    They certainly give lie to my theory that the over-riding colour this month is the purple of the thistle.

  7. Lovely colourful photos Simon - good to see the harebells - one of my favourite flowers :)

  8. Marigolds - one of my favourites attracting plenty of bees.

  9. Thanks for dropping by everyone and appreciating my shots. I think the shot of the ringlet and the hoverfly are about as good as I can get with the equipment I have at the moment.