Saturday, 15 August 2015

Flowery Macro Tests

Went out in the garden tonight just to try and use the macro setting that was so kindly pointed out to me by a reader.

Alas, there was no bees or butterflies to shoot, only a few hoverflies investigating the last of the summer flowers and they were in no mind to sit still for a photographer who despite his best efforts to be gentle must have seemed like Mount Everest on the move to them.

Still, I got some flower shots, but we still aren't 100% successful yet, although I'd like to think we are now seeing some good detail on some of these shots. Minimum range seems to be about 8-10cm, any less than this and dire red "WARNING - AF" notices appear on the screen.

The flowers themselves have taken a fearful pasting from the rain in the last couple of days and aren't at their best, but this gives them a sort of dejected quality, an "oh bugger I'm a flower and I'd best try and look nice but I really can't be bothered" feel.

The season is nearly over. How swiftly it has gone. It has not been long enough, and soon the bleakness of autumn will arrive, and again I shall wit till January when new colour starts to emerge again.

But, until then I shall make the best of it, every chance I get.



  1. These are definitely getting there Si, you'll have them sorted before you know it. It's taken me a year to get used to my camera and learn it's ways :o)

  2. Thanks! Things will be even more hilarious when I get my bridge camera. God only knows what the first images from that will look like.

  3. Thanks, I'm still keeping on trucking!

  4. They are lovely colourful images!

    It is trial and error for me most of the time Si! Enjoy what you are doing, that is what counts.

  5. I have been practicing with macro's. Yours are very nice. I like them.

  6. You've captured some lovely colour and detail. I enjoy taking photos during the colder months. I like the pared back landscape and the architectural forms on offer. I have had my camera for nearly three years, and am only just feeling familiar with it. But thank you for your lovely comment on my recent post. It was much appreciated!
    Leanne xx

  7. Lovely colour in the photos Simon. Persevere you will get there in the end! Says she still struggling with the bridge camera!!

  8. Thanks all, you are very kind. Hopefully I will have a bridge camera tomorrow or the day after, and can go off and practice with that. Blur and judder ahoy! I'm only getting a bottom end one at the 100£ mark.

    Interested to see how astrophotography might turn out on such a beast.