Thursday, 13 August 2015

Day 2 with the Camera - Getting Better

I've not had the most active of days, thanks to me staying up late to watch Perseid meteors just as the clouds rolled in. Thus, in three days of observing, I've managed to see a total of zero meteors for the first time ever.

Very disappointing.

So today was about the sofa and DVDs, a couple of gentle walks, and a run out to watch the spitfire flypast. Followed by an ice cream of course, no excursion for me is complete without one of my 60p fake Magnums from Jas' off-license.

All the while, I had my "new" camera, which is a Fuji Finepix JX200 12mp device, and was trying to take photographs with it. I'm happy to report I seem to be getting better results today, although focusing still seems to be a bit of a lottery, and I'm hoping you will agree these are now better than my Motorola shots.

Even on a grey day, there was still plenty to see. Including a lot of very sleepy bees hanging on to the lavender.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 13.05.18

Spitfires and hurricanes over Newark

Hiding bumble!!!

Busy bumble

Tired bumble, lively bee

Carder feeding away

A very good bee mimicking hoverfly.


Not got the focus right here sadly


  1. Same here as far as cloudy nights have gone.
    I was disappointed the flypast didn't come near here. I thought they might have flown over the old Manby airfield as it was the college of aerial warfare during the war.
    Looks like you are getting to grips with the new camera. It always takes time and experimentation to find out what they can and cannot do.

  2. I need to find some kind of macro setting and work out how the little blighter will focus at close range!

    I'm an idiot by the way, someone told me it was a mixed flock of spitfires and hurricanes, probably mistaking the later clipped wing Mark 9 and 14 Spits for Hurricanes

    1. If you don't have the manual then you can get a pdf version here


      page 31 for macro mode.

      The pocket cameras I have used all needed to be on their widest angle setting to get close / macro shots.

  3. lovely to see so many bees (and the hoverfly too of course)

  4. Thanks for your kind comments, and that technical hint! Got it now I hope, hopefully better shots will ensue.

  5. Some lovely bee pics! Our lavender was in much in demand ten days ago, but not so many bees or hoverflies about now, it seems. But three dragonflies over hte garden in as many days ...

  6. I love to take bee shots. You have some great ones here. The flyby is also a neat photo.

  7. I love to take bee shots. You have some great ones here. The flyby is also a neat photo.

  8. Great shots Simon with your new camera - loves the bees and planes. Takes times, practice and patience to get used to a new camera and settings :)

    No luck here with Perseids either - too cloudy. Just saw one faint one.

  9. Thanks for your encouragement folks. Planning some more running and cycling trips in the next few days to see where I might end up!

  10. Yes! Agree about the lovely photographs. Camera sounds too technical for me. I like to just point and click.

    Re your comment about rabbits and the pot. We have myxi round here, so no thanks.

  11. Love the shots of the bees - they look great! - Tasha

  12. Thank you Natasha. With the bridge camera shall arrive terrible blurry bird shots!