Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Tourettes Cricketer Strikes

Hero to Zero in a day. After a good day yesterday, I got called today for some obscure back foot no-ball violation rule that really pissed me off.

I was already on a down after feeling really stiff and unable to open the bowling as I usually do, even though our skipper was late and technically I could have bowled myself if I wanted to. But a slightly picky umpire wound me up, and it completely threw me.

This led to one of my famous meltdown times, as not seen on a cricket field for a while. For about 45 minutes I had no idea what was going on out there! My body didn't help by being completely unable to obey the instructions my brain was giving particularly hilarious uncoordinated dive ended up with me in a sprawl on my back, with the ball sailing over the rope behind me.


Luckily our skipper is a proper cricketer, and he took seven wickets while I pointed out oystercatchers to passers by and generally moved around in a chilly daze.

When we batted, we struggled against good bowling again, although our new Kiwi friend showed his power by hitting a few into the trees. I merely popped up a catch off a leg spinner for 1.

Really bad day for me.


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  1. That sounds horrible! Glad you can write about it.

  2. Today is another day, enjoy it Si! The hanging baskets look superb, they will be dripping with flowers before long.

  3. Oh heck, not a good day. There's always next week

  4. Sunday cricket is too high a standard for me! Thanks for the kind words.