Monday, 5 June 2017

It's a Yellow Flag for Bees

The sadly derelict pond, long since silted up and not really fit for toads and newts any more, still has a population of flag iris growing in it. In the space of about 24 hours, the plants seemed to shoot up about a metre and suddenly unveil their triffid like yellow flowers.

I love them!

Also in love with them are early bumblebees, which tunnel right down into the flowers to feed. I know nectaring has a lot to do with tongue size and all sorts of things, but I didn't see any other species on the plant.

It's also out along the cycle path and around the Blue Lake, brightening up the margins with its drooping alien blooms.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 05.06.17


  1. I always think they look to posh to be a wild flower!

  2. Yellow flags are just coming into flower in our bog garden - I just love them :)

  3. Yellow yellow yellow, thanks Si.

  4. I love the yellow flags too! And of course the early bumble bees!

  5. Thank you all, not the greatest shots as it was rather windy. Have some better ones today.