Saturday, 3 June 2017

More Cardiac Arrest Cricket

A fantastic day at Dale Field today, not just for the warm sun, and exciting cricket, but because I was able to sunbathe shirtless for the first time at a match all year.

Don't worry, I did this a long long way from anyone else, although to be fair as a 44 year old there are less appealing specimens than me on the team. It's not vanity anyway, it's for my ecxzema  - BULLSHIT cries the reader - and it helps.

We batted first, and while we steadily got on with things before a couple of brilliant innings sparked us into life, I patrolled the ground, enjoyed watching the swallows, pointed out the keening buzzards to my team mates in the scorebox, and talked to bumblebees.

There was a few damselflies kicking around too, common blue damselflies visible when their flapping wings glittered in the sun.

After my match winning innings last week, I thought I'd get a promotion up the order this week, but no, in at number 10 again. This time, I helped our senior pro add 30 in the last 4 overs, wildly flapping the ball to various strange corners of the ground and running like a headless chicken. We got 163-8 off 45 in the end. 12 not out fir me

That was tiring, but not as tiring as bowling 11 straight overs, which I did to take 4-33. Perhaps it should have won the match, but there were a few slightly less mobile gents on the pitch, and their 8th wicket pair crept towards our score as we let ourselves go a bit and began to shout at each other due to the tension.

In one way it's a good thing, because it means it matters to us and we really want it. But, not good. Luckily we kept it together enough to keep them to the same score as us.

163-8 as well. A tie.

Sheesh I don't need that stress!


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  1. Stress Si? Abd yet your photos paint an idyllic picture.

  2. Lovely to see the damselflies, we saw some at the weekend too

  3. Thanks! THe match was pretty nerve wracking!