Monday, 10 October 2016

Running while Dodging the Rain

Yes, I was lazy yesterday and never went running, but today, that wasn't going to be allowed to be an option. After a morning lazing around the park, reading "The Outrun" and drinking tea and coffee, a decent run was required to have me feeling a bit trimmer.

In the end, I did the Tour of the Two Lakes, he route I wrote about for my colleagues the other day.

I'd picked a good time of the day, as the sun was beginning to lower, making the reflections on the water look more spectacular, and the clouds brassier in colour.

There were lots of clouds to see as well, strange rain clouds scudding through on the cold Nor-Easterly, bringing rapid but short lived squalls into my face.

After becrying that only ivy seemed to be in flower at the moment, running along the cycle path revealed plenty of colourful toadflax, and also a bush-tree that blanketed parts of the path in small white flowers. Now there is also fungi coming into being, and I found a beauty out today.

9km I did in the end, under a lovely light, and I felt good for it. Need to do it four times a week!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 10.10.16


  1. Lovely views again Si. You speak of ivy - have you noticed that it is in full flower at present and is absolutely alive with bees.

    1. Hoverflies and wasps mainly, not seeing so many bees. We don't get any of the ivy bees either, too far North.

  2. A terrific selection of photos!

  3. I love the mushrooms, tasty, joking.

  4. I walk every day on the track at the YMCA...rain can't get ya there! But I can see why walking/running in nature would be better. The weather is just always either too hot or too cold here.

  5. Hello Stephanie....I don't get to see any birds inside, that's why I have to be out. This is the time of change, the summer migrants have gone, and the winter visitors are arriving to start their shift.

    Thanks all who visit.

  6. Some lovely images there.........I particularly like the last one, the reflections are fabulous. favourite time of year. Love looking for them around the garden.

  7. lovely photos and an impressive looking fungus

  8. Thank you ladies! I plan to do a fungi hunting expedition to some woodland

  9. Your fitness levels must be pretty good running-wise, despite the summer cricket break. 9k is very respectable :o).