Friday, 7 October 2016

My Workplace Publications

I think a while ago I mentioned that off my own bat I'd started producing little news-sheets for work, and nice people that you are, you encouraged me to keep it going.

Well, despite the odd hitch here and there, I have done. I've done about 8 in all, plus various pictorials and online only bits and pieces. They seem to be well received as a nice distraction for a few minutes, and certainly some folk have said they have learned something new from them.

One of the subjects I've looked at pushing is mental wellbeing, and consequently have been encouraging the staff to go on walks to perhaps notice something they've never seen before, or just to get out in the open air.

I produced this one today for online, and rather like the effect I got.


All tect and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.10.16


  1. A much better read than some of the "inspiring" messages from management that I receive (and delete) on a regular basis. It'd do us all good to get out and about more.

  2. THank you so much! I love having the opportunity to do this in a positive way in the workplace

  3. Oh, Mr. Si I love it! I wish someone gave me a sheet like that - it's amazing you've described so many details, all of them worth noticing and stoping at! I hope someone will rise to the challenge and help themselves with this walk tour idea, good for their health and senses

    BTW It's nice to read there is a Polish piece of history somewhere there, could you describe what those graves present?

    Warm regards

  4. Excellent, a very inspiring way of encouraging people to get out and about

  5. Superb newsletter Simon - it would certainly make me want to go exploring the walk. It is really nicely produced :) I think these are a lovely idea of your's.

  6. Thank you very much all, I am trying to make the best of my new position!