Saturday, 15 October 2016

Ladybirds are Hiding

Had a very early start again for a Saturday, tearing out into a cold misty morning in order to have a blast at Parkrun. They had pacemakers today, resplendent in bright yellow with their target times pinned to their backs on a sign.

Over-optimistically I hared after the 24 minute guy at the start and managed to keep him in sight for about the first lap. But after that I began to fall back; I still haven't got my old speed back. But I still got round in just over 25 minutes, which was disapointing at the time but a big step up from the times I produced in my first two.

The cup of tea I had at the cafe afterwards was very satisfying, I can tell you. And the sun came out too.

There was a bit of library pottering after that, watching how the greens changed in the park with the sun going in and out of banks of mist...bright and vivid one minute, lush and wet the next.

When I got hime, I took advantage of a bright spell to have a scout round the trees and the flowering ivy. Lots of flies and wasps, but no bees or butterflies. What I did notice however, were lots of sleepy harlequin ladybirds, hiding in amongst the sycamore leaves.

I'd love to find one of those communal roosts they have under gateposts and places like that.


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  2. I love Ladybirds, or 'Ladybugs' as those who are american call them.

  3. We get a small communal roost of Harlequins every year in our bathroom in a corner of the ceiling! They are whizzing around out doors at the moment seemingly looking for a way into the house!

  4. THere were a few flying today in the warm afternoon weather, been a decent day after the morning torrential rain

  5. Our orange ladybirds will be gathering in their roosts soon....

  6. Seen very few ladybirds this year.