Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Point, Flash and Shoot

Perhaps a little less fun than it might sound, but last night found me outside waiting to see if the clouds would break to allow a little stargaze.

Well, they didn't, and my attempt to see if my efforts at writing a guide to finding the Andromeda Galaxy from memory were hopeless or not, were thwarted.

Instead, now not having to worry about dark adapting my eyes, I took my mobile phone out and took some shots of the vegetation in my garden, to see if perhaps I could catch a sleepy silver-y moth on the ivy flowers or somesuch.

No such luck, although I did catch a sleeping harlequin ladybird on the crackly old honesty seed pods. But it is interesting to get a different view, albeit a rather washed out and overexposed one!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 12.10.16


  1. An interesting exercise which worked well.

  2. Those plants look so different in the dark. Isn't the ivy amazing at present - and in the daytime absolutely covered in bees and wasps.

  3. Ivy is an amazing plant and a wonderful food source for late flying insects...........

  4. Thank you for having a look, it looks more imposing by night in the flash, somehow

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