Saturday, 14 January 2017

Failed Waxwing Hunt

So this afternoon, with reports of Waxwings all over the country, I decided to have a run out on a beautiful afternoon with the intention of finding some.

I ran round both lakes, along the cycle track, through Friary Gardens home of the Aconites, and all round Waitrose car park; indeed anywhere there were berries on trees. Of waxwing there was NO BLOODY SIGN!

No doubt they were all hiding somewhere, stifling their giggles with wings over their beaks.

Luckily on such a bright afternoon there were plenty of lovely sights, and I was rewarded on returning home to find that a pretty flock of about 20 redwing were visiting the small park near my flat; they really are very dainty little thrushes,

In addition, a few bulkier forms were among them; fieldfare.

First time either winter thrush has visited town this winter.


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  1. Spent a week looking for them a few years back - finally tracked them down in the local supermarket car-park!

  2. If it is any consolation Simon all of my Waxwing searches locally have been unsuccessful so far. Worth keeping at it though as twice I have finally discovered my own birds which is much more satisfying that going on a "twitch" :) Although if all else fails I will be considering that option :) Always good to see Fieldfares and Redwings though :)

  3. lovely aconites and snowdrops! I've seen waxwings a couple of times this year but they've always been flying around, they've never landed. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to basically on a couple of occasions be surrounded by waxwings in the branches all around me....