Monday, 9 January 2017

Aconites at Last!

The light today, like the last three days, has been a uniform flat grey, like I've been living in dirty dishwater for the weekend. It may have cleared now at the time of writing, with Venus and the Moon blazing down, but earlier on it was raining and windy, and cold.

And I ran 10km in it, like the utter fool I am.

It was a twisty, winding run, trying to get the distance in without going too far in case the rain really pelted down. It didn't, not quite, and by the time I got to Friary Park to look for aconite around their favourite trees, it was really quite heavy.

At first I thought that as with two days ago, I'd draw a blank but no, as I trotted along I suddenly there was one right under my nose. And two more over there! And there, another 3!

Not many, but they are there, a first few little dots of yellow within the wet greenery.

I wonder how plants will do as the bad weather hits us this weekend.


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  1. My first aconites of the year Si - glorious. Now I want to see how mine are progressing in the garden and it is too dark outside to see. I shall have to wait for morning.

  2. Aconites seem to survive whatever the weather throws at them, not sure how runners and cyclists will fare though!

  3. I'll have to see if I can find any aconites this year! I only know of two places in Edinburgh where they grow

  4. Lovely to see the aconites - must start looking round here.

  5. Thanks everyone...they always remind me of mini Audrey 2s from "little Shop of Horrors"

  6. It must be wonderful to see these first flowers of the year... and spring. :)
    I so wish they would survive here!

  7. Well spotted. We were only talking about them on Sunday afternoon and when we might see the first ones of the season...

  8. Beautiful little flowers they are.

  9. Thanks everyone, waiting to see what else is kicking around!