Thursday, 7 July 2016

A Robin on the Cycle Path

I've taken so many pictures lately, it's unreal. Rare has been the day off when I've not been constantly unholstering my camera and snapping something. After a very slow start, insect life has emerged; bee; butterfly and beetle are plentiful whenever the rain stays away. There are fewer birds after the peak breeding season, but I've still turned my camera on a few, witness this robin.

Perfectly, this soft looking, out of focus robin illustrates my problem.

Most of my photographs are terrible. And getting a really good one, like that demoiselle yesterday, is pure luck.

I'm all but abandoning macro shots of anything animal; I cannot get a sharp image at all with my shaky hands and the narrow depth of field is totally unforgiving. It frustrates me so much sometimes. 

I have to stay back, shoot on the normal lens with whatever zoom I can handle, and shoot insects that way. As for birds, only bright light will help with that one. 

As for the good news, well my first entirely self written and self snapped nature mini-magazine should be going out at work soon. Photos look better at a small size on paper rather than on a hi-res screen!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.07.16


  1. I love your magazine idea. Why not make it a subscription one on line if it takes off - your photographs are always so good. I would certainly subscribe.

  2. If I could write as well as you, I wouldn't worry about the photographs
    we all get soft images, take lots of images you will usally get at least one you are happy with.
    good luck with the nature magazine.

  3. Thanks! My magazine is a workplace only one, locally people read this blog! Double cricket this weekend, so a busy one for me.

  4. You should see how many photos I take to get one good one, even with my camera that does it all for you !!!!
    Amanda xx