Friday, 5 February 2016

More Colours of Spring

Well, this week in the cemetery, things are continuing to move along a few weeks early, as the crocuses begin to form their purple and white edge to the path, and the primroses are now out in their little corner in and along the ditch.

Flowers are now decorating most of the graves. Grown up daffodils aren't out yet, but dinky ones are, and now I wait for squill, which ought to be next to emerge but who the hell knows this spring. I'm half expecting coconut palms to suddenly spring forth from the ground, allowing the dog walkers and tired runners to refresh themselves with their abundant milk, and enabling a bounty bar factory to be built next to the new sports centre.

There's plenty of blossom on the trees now, and more birds are beginning to play rough - I've been watching magpies engaged in aerial chases today. Spring is moving along apace, and then what? By the end of March it will be over, and what of the early bees and bumbles and butterflies? What will they feed on?

There's more to think about than me being relieved I've not had to cycle to work in the snow and ice.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 05.02.16

Crocuses like spears

Orange variant


Something emerging here

Crocus avenue

Lens flare

Flowers are on the graves


Another floral grave

More crocuses

This is the purple veined variant

Sunlit Polish war graves


Sports centre and a weather front

The Blue Lake, serene

Mirror flat

Tree surgeon at work

Ducks on London Road Pond


  1. Entertaining selection of images today. There is something very soothing about the geometry of the array of the Polish gravestones in the sunlight.

  2. It's certainly an odd winter, to be followed by an odd spring. However it seems that not everything is flowering early and there are lots of places where daffodils, snowdrops and other flowers are biding their time.

  3. You really have done us proud today Si - i adore crocus, especially the purple striped ones. Mine are just peeping out.

  4. Wonderful set of photos,looks like you enjoyed your time out in the sunshine..
    Amanda xx

  5. Thank you very much, soon time for other things to emerge! Lots of birdsong before dawn this morning, blackbirds now going full blast.

  6. Great series of the spring, it is coming around the bend. Thanks Simon.

  7. Lovey images, it all looks so calm and spring like, yet today we are battered by winds and rain. Hope the crocus survive this weather front, I do really like them.

    1. I had a really wet ride to work in this morning, followed by a windy one home. It's another window rattler tonight!

  8. I love seeing crocuses - their lovely purple and white colours are so pretty and help to brighten up the borders along the pathway. Lovely shots - I always find cemeteries comforting. - Tasha

    1. Would you think that walking through one at night tee hee?

  9. Thanks again for all your kind comments

  10. Lovely selection of flowers Simon - love the photos of the Blue Lake :)