Thursday, 18 February 2016

Down on a Branch

Today has been a lovely day, visiting the park, having a great lunch at Mamma White's pancake parlour, of which more anon, and being delighted to finally catch a couple of birds on my feeder - lovely long tailed tits having a flitty peck at the fat balls.

A goldcrest was also busy in my holly tree, a song thrush paid a rare visit to the garden, and I noticed that the noisy little clan of house sparrows are already gathering nesting material and taking it up to their condominium complex in the spaces under the eaves of next door's flat.

A 7 spot ladybird was spotted hibernating in the buddleia. So pleased to see that, they are losing out badly to the orange harlequins this year.

I was walking home along Balderton Gate later on, when a dead branch on the ground by the library cap park caught my eye. It was covered in a jelly fungus of some kind, a dull orange, possibly jew's ear but really I'm no mycologist.  There was also a sort of cup fungus on the branch as well.

Really wasn't expecting to see that in a hedgerow less than a metre wide separating the car park from the road!


  1. Mushrooms, lovely. But, I wouldn't eat one!

  2. Lovely sunshine here too today, Si. You're spot on with the fungus ID - Auricularia auricula-judae - trying saying that after a pint or two!

  3. I'm so glad to get an ID right for a change Lucy!

    Thank you do much for visiting, as ever!