Sunday, 13 May 2018

Buttercups and Butterflies

So, after yesterday's sporting "extravaganza" I was so tired that my only option today was a nice, pleasant walk on what turned out to be a really nice afternoon.

The new predominant colour in parts of the cemetery is orange; buttercups have now emerged amid the grave stones. This winter and spring we started  with white snowdrops, then we went to purple, to blue and yellow, to blue and blue, to now orange.

Butterflies were also plentiful, but we haven't got many of the hibernatory species around, instead we have the whites, the orange tips, the holly blues and the speckled woods. I drove myself mad trying to photograph them today.

Results - not amazing. Bloody fluttery things.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 13.05.18


  1. Butterflies are not the most co-operative models, are they? Spring seems to be well under way at last.

  2. So much colour and variety in the flowers in the cemetery. Butterflies are without doubt exceedingly difficult to photograph!

  3. Lovely colours! At least your butterflies came close enough for you to get a chance to take their photos!

  4. Up here in N Yorkshire I saw my first buttercup and my first orange tip yesterday - Spring is here at last.

  5. Thank you all, it's been another lovely day here, but was working so missed most of it