Wednesday, 9 November 2016

My Mother's Triffids

Mum has always had her little army of plants sitting in the kitchen window, and everyone's favourite is this sort of purple inkspotted sort of creation that seems to flower in clusters throughout the year.

I'm not overly sentimental about domestic flowers, as it were, but I think this thing is wonderful. No idea what it is, but if seems to make all of us a little happier.

Then there is this new addition, this characterful flower that looks like a miniature triffid. Luckily it doesn't sting me in the eyes when I look at it.

The rest of recent events I shall speak of little; but to me it is like Brexit, the culmination of the "reality TV generation" who think that knowing who to vote for on X-Factor or American Idol means they are qualified to deal with complex matters of economics and foreign policy.

There we go.


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  1. Gorgeous flowers! I don't usually say anything about politics either, but I would never have believed it would come to this.

  2. Your mother's triffids are in fact orchids, quite wonderful flowers that seem to do everything in slow motion - they take a long while to grow and then to flower, but once they're flowering the blooms seem to hang on forever (almost). Some rooms suit them, others don't. Your mother has obviously got it right.

  3. Ah so they are orchids! Thought the second one might be but not the first! Thanks folks!

  4. Lovely orchids, especially like the first one.
    I struggle with them, they always seem to die on me for some reason.

  5. Beautiful orchids Si - very soothing in troubled times (snow here)

  6. THank you all, glad they have worked out well!

  7. As others have said, a couple of lovely orchids.

    1. There's another one, I noticed the other day, a sort of spindly white and green flower affair...

  8. beautiful orchids and you make a good point in your concise assessment of recent events