Sunday, 20 November 2016

Market Day

I have been out today, but it was so grey and dark I could barely see anything! I did my 20km on the bike on my Cotham-Thrope type route, and was pleased to see my first redwing and fieldfare of the year out on the Sustrans 64 pathway, but you could barely see them against the sky and so photography was pointless.

Likewise the peregrine - or perhaps more likely a sparrowhak - I came across sat on a telegraph pole on a farm.

I'm keeping my eyes open for whooper and bewick swans in the fields now, as they are being reported in the area, hiding in feeding flocks of mute swans. But I didn't see any today.

What I did see were a fair few of my fellow cyclists, enjoying the chill weather as I was.

So, in the event with no worthwhile shots taken today, I shall show you what a full market day in Newark looks like. The market is reputedly struggling, but it still has stalls 5 days out of 7. SAturday is the big one, and as you can see it is the premier spot to buy mutilated animal remains for your dogs, eggs, endless bloody vaping shit, bird feeders, hippyish clothes, and er, ladders.

I've never seen a ladder stall on any market before, and I had no conception that this was a thing. Some of the ladders were very tall, and confusingly you could buy strange rocking bird feeder platforms at the same stall.

I wasn't tempted.


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  1. Oct door market in November. Our run from end of April until first part September. But now there the holiday market but there in doors.
    Came over from Heron view.
    Coffee is on

  2. Great to see Newark square again- it's more than 20 years since I was last there! Love the ladder stall :o)

    1. It looked good on SAturday, today, it's under a lot of rain!

  3. When I lived in Lincoln many years ago, we often used to go to Newark market - it was fantastic - the best for miles around.

  4. Thanks! It seems to be ok on SAturdays, struggling other days

  5. I think local authorities charge so much for a market stall licence these days a lot of people are struggling to make a living. They used to be so useful to find cheap bargains and items shops didn't stock. I wonder what size vehicle has to be used to transport all those ladders around.