Monday, 12 September 2016

It's Gone for a Burton

Having been a staple of Newark life for 80 odd years, our Burton's store here has finally closed.

Apparently this is related to the BHS collapse in some way due to the ownership chain - Burton's is also struggling these days - but I really have no idea. I think it tends to suffer for being neither seen as high quality nor budget in this day and age, and it never seemed to get any high profile campaigns going like M and S did.

I always remember that at school to be seen wearing Burton's gear was something to be ashamed of; a geek thing, a nerd thing, something you wouldn't want to be seen in on a non-uniform day. If my folks ever got me any casual clothes from there I was always nervous about wearing it out for fear of being taunted by the hip kids.

As I got older, I just cared less and less.

It's a landmark building in this town, surely Grade 1 listed as a wonderful example of Art Deco design in a town that has a fair bit of it kicking around. I can only hope it finds a worthy new occupier.

Chances are, we will end up with an Art Deco nailbar.



  1. My one and only bespoke suit came from my local Burtons many moons ago. Very good value it was too.

  2. Gosh, I thought Burtons had disappeared years ago Si - agree that their clothes were always a bit embarrassing to the young.

  3. Thanks everyone! Not my sort of place but difficult to see a piece of history go.