Sunday, 11 September 2016

Cup of Tea and a Spitfire

Busy day today, where I awoke nice and early to blue skies and rather than be exhausted as with the two previous days, I was going to get out there and enjoy the day.

So not far off 10am I found myself sat at Rumbles, large tea in hand, and my ears plugged into the Archers trial omnibus - you git Rob - when suddenly a new sound reached my ears...the unmistakable throaty roar of a World War 2 era aircraft.

Straightaway I remembered it was the RAF parade in town today, and I had forgotten. Normally I try and watch in town and watch as a the displaying aircraft does a couple of flyovers above the market square, but at least I was lucky. I got to have a good view of the Spitfire from the park.

The clipped wings identified it as a later mark Spitfire, and indeed the engine note was more raspy than the Merlins of the earlier marks.

A bit of research identified it as this mark 16 with a later series Merlin built by Packard in the US. What a joy to see it!

The afternoon took me out on another 30km bike ride, with a strong breeze making me favour a ride out to Flintham so I could have a tailwind on the way home. Today I visited the little museum and community shop, where I figured it would be nice to stop ad having a drink; a great idea, as it mean I could ride the wind back home averaging 32kmh!

More warm weather coming to enjoy!


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  1. That shop looks much more interesting than Aldi!

  2. And nice weather all week for us to enjoy.

  3. Don't see many of those old delivery bikes about nowadays.

  4. looks like a nice shop and a lovely pond