Monday, 13 January 2014

A Tentative Spring

I headed out on a run today to look out for signs of spring; signs that a more vigorous form of life is emerging from the winter lethargy, that it has energy left over to breed and grow after a period of merely surviving.

The blackbirds in my garden have been getting a little feistier, and I thought this morning that there was perhaps some blackbird song mixed in with the constant calling of the local robins. The local cemetery has been sporting a little cherry blossom, and it was to there that I headed, to see if there was anything new on the ground.

This is what I found.

Snowdrops in the cemetery
Newly flowering snowdrops around the cemetery chapel. The crocuses are not far behind them, they are starting to sprout although they aren't ready to flower yet.

Further along my run, the mallards on the River Devon are starting to get aggressive too, there was a fair amount of territorial quacking going on, and one individual bird chased his rival clean off the water. 

Of course, it was bitterly cold, and didn't feel springlike at all. But it is a sign of hope for times to come; a time when I can have a cup of tea outside without shivering, and go for a run without getting covered in mud.

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