Monday, 30 April 2018

Just some Colour from the Cemetery

Last day of holiday - never go to go to cricket nets but I did get out for a nice walk this afternoon. I always thought it was a bit cold for cricket, and believe me it was freezing today, but I'm worried about going in to the new season next weekend cold and out of practice!

Despite the low temperatures there were a few pollinators out today; mainly various small hoverfly species but a couple of queen buffy bumblies as well. I managed to get a shot of one as well as it sheltered in a fallen magnolia petal.

Lots of what looks like baby saxifrage poised to overwhelm the cemetery. Soon it will all be white!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 30.04.18


  1. Hi Simon, the last one is Springbeauty.

  2. Those forget me nots are a picture.

  3. Thanks Dean they are lovely!

    Yes Pat, the forget me knots are spectacular at the moment

  4. What beautiful spring flowers ... and I love red tulips! I have hardly seen a bluebell so far, but our flowering cherries are at or just over their prime. Thank you for your stone circle comment.

  5. A great set of photos - the spring flowers are just beautiful in the cemetery.

  6. I love the wildflowers around the tomb stones. They add such a charm to a place of rest.
    Particularly like the bluebells. Lovely piece of photography.

  7. Wonderful flowers and nice to be back in hoverfly season!