Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Comma on the Comma

No cricket today, our match was cancelled, which I'm not as upset about as I'd normally be as it was the not terribly friendly team who thumped us in the first Sunday game of the season. This meant it was a day of hot baths, long walks around the park, and buying bin liners and shorts and other essentials.

The running shorts I wore yesterday have been classed by the team as "too revealing". Bollocks to that.

Commas are very plentiful at the moment, as soon as I left my house this morning one was sat on my garden fence before heading off to sit on a nettle. Later on, after 3 hours spent walking through the park and buying air fresheners and other really exciting things, and also trundling through a garden centre looking for bee friendly plants for the rest of our garden area, another one sat on a library park lobelia and gave me a great view of its comma!

Does a comma have an Oxford comma?


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  1. Don't understand that last sentence Si - but I do love commas.

  2. Must admit I am a bit confused by the last sentence but lovely to read of your Comma encounters. Not yet seen many round here.

  3. lovely photos of the comma (and i understand the last sentence and the answer is not really). i've not seen a comma this year so far, it's only in recent years that we've really seen them at all in Scotland

  4. It certainly doesn't! Things that don't have an Oxford Comma - bees, bumblebees, and butterflies.

  5. Good shots, SI. Does anyone really understand the Oxford comma - I seem to see arguments about it/them frequently!
    One of my walking mates was chuffed to see her first comma (butterfly, not Oxford) recently.