Thursday, 25 September 2014

Another Glorious Newark Photographic Miscellania

Sights and, er, sights from running over the last few days. The weather goes from freezing in the morning to warm in the afternoon, and makes dressing for jogging awfully tricky. Birds, of course, have no such problems.

Brown argus and small copper, Sconce and Devon Park

Brown argus close up, revealing that despite its brown upperwing, its close relationship to the blue butterflies

Small copper, suddenly abundant at the Sconce

Small copper again

Cygnet, London Road Pond

Like a Jurassic Park vegesauraus

Coots, moorhens and mallards

Drakes now out of eclipse at London Road

Rosebay willowherb past its sell by date

Like a DNA helix

The unknown yellow weeds are out at Beacon Hill Park again

Someone left these conkers on a wall for a passing urchin

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