Friday, 29 June 2012

Lance Armstrong Birding

Cycling home after a miserable, sticky day in no-aircon work decided to detour on the lovely evening along the river. An unfamiliar bird suddenly shot above my heads as I passed the lock - a brief glimpse of black and white wings, a wader shape rather than duck shape I reckoned, and emitting a furious "peeping" noise as it went overhead.

I'll punt at Oystercatcher, never seen any by the river, but they are certainly at Langford Lowfields, these feistiest of waders.

Later was out on the bike again, Hawton, Farndon, then home. Many swifts out and about in Farndon, many of them over a paddock, screeing away presumably horses attract large amounts of insect life.

Wanted to have a look along the Devon for Dragons, but a bunch of ne-er do wells were in the way! A bit further on a drug deal was taking place in some parked cars. Charming what you can find out in the country!

But it was a lovely evening for a cycle!

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