Tuesday, 17 May 2011

So let's try the evening on Watership Down

Setting aside some of the very limited time I have during my twelve hour a day shifts, I went out for a run yesterday evening past London Road lake and across the western half of Beacon Hill reserve to see what my very tired self might see.

I was hoping for a warm, pleasant sunny evening where as an added bonus I might meet the woman of my dreams sitting waterside somewhere like a pre raphaelite painting. But no, it was cold and grey and windy and the only girls around would have to have been wearing unflattering woolen survival suits or something.

So, what did we see? Well, there seem two Great Crested Grebe chicks on london road lake, sailing along in the wake of what I guess is the female - but not a massive amount of interest. My first sighting of mallard chicks on the trent further along, but they were frankly already rather past the cute stage - surprised I haven't seen them sooner.

The standout sight of the evening, if a a fairly unexotic one, was on Beacon Hill reserve, where there was an absoloute army of rabbits more the sufficient to wipe out the combined forces of Hazel and Bigwig, and General Woundwort combined. Flashing white tails disappearing from the jogging predator in huge numbers, right down to kittens barely larger than my clenched first, it seemed. No need to get any volunteers to crop the grass up there, Notts Wildlife trust. These little blighters must be doing it for you!

And they are everywhere, greater numbers every year - outside my work, on Riverside Park, the sides of the roads. The foxes must be getting lazy...

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